5 Ways to Pray for Mexico (or any country) this Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the USA than it is in Mexico. It is a regional celebration in Mexico, while all over the United States people are eating “tacos” and guac and listening to mariachi music.

However, since we are focusing on Mexico, I feel it’s a great time for us to pray specifically for our friends and neighbors to the south.

Here’s a list of prayer categories that I’m using for this Cinco de Mayo.

Will you join me and take Cinco Minutos today to pray for Mexico?


Stranded…for a Reason

Since I was going for the graduation of the Certificate program, I asked the Seminary to make my reservation for my recent trip to Puerto Escondido. I told them the exact dates that I wanted to fly out and when I needed to return to Mexico City. They confirmed the reservation, printed out my confirmation, and handed it to me. Without thinking much about it, I took it from the dean, put it in my bag, and went back to work.

Thursday came, and, after an interesting taxi ride, I made it to the coast. I had to spend Thursday night and Friday during the day at the beach (the family I was staying with wanted to show me the beach, so I had to oblige). Friday night and Saturday was a youth leaders’ conference, and Saturday night we finished with the graduation. But Sunday was really the most interesting day.


Lessons from the desert

Last week I took a trip to Torreon, Mexico, to teach a class on “Ministering to Troubled Youth.” But the experiences I took away from the trip taught me more than I think I shared in class.

Torreon is a city with the slogan, “The City that Defeated the Desert.” Well, to begin with, it was 104 degrees each day, and the desert heat is exhausting. It’s a good idea to avoid Torreon in June.

Recently, the area known as “La Laguna” has been hit hard by violence. The people who live there are accustomed to hearing about different things that happen around town. But this Mexico City boy is not used to hearing such things.


Youth Ministry Forum in December

This December 3, we will be hosting the first ever Youth Ministry Forum at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary.

The idea is to help the local church dialogue about the issues facing us as we seek to interact with young people and reach their culture. Today we had a meeting to focus on the topic and help us plan the event so that it will benefit those who attend.

Please be in prayer for this event. I hope it leads to many good discussions on how we should go about reaching and discipling young people in Mexico.