Baby Mart Advertisement

Here’s something we thought was funny. Everywhere you go here, you have to pay to park, so the Baby Mart put a great ad on one of the bars that closes and opens when you take your ticket.

Timing is Everything

Krispy Kreme Mexico

I got this email on Friday from Krispy Kreme in Mexico. It really goes to prove the differences in how Americans think about time and how Mexicans think about time.

The purpose of the email was to promote their “new” Christmas doughnuts. However, they sent the email the day after Christmas, and these doughnut styles have been in the stores for weeks now.

Latin American cultures do not think about time like we think about time in the United States. They are not time oriented, nor do they plan very far in advance. I’m generalizing here, but I have observed that, in Mexico, people are much more important than events.

The person who sent this email was probably busy with Christmas parties with friends and didn’t get around to sending the Merry Christmas email until after Christmas.

Either that, or they are really early for next year.

Fiesta Mexicana grocery store ad

Here’s the grocery store ad for this week here in Mexico. Friday night is the celebration of Independence Day here, so they are selling all sorts of typical Mexican stuff. My favorite is the “pig head” that you can buy per kilo.

Click the image to enlarge.

Aloe Vera drink

Aloe Vera drink
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Shopping at Sam’s Club earlier this week, they were sampling this drink made out of Aloe Vera. At first, I passed on the offer. Then, I thought that this would make a great ad of the week, so I decided to try it just so the lady would give me the flyer.

It was weird. It didn’t taste all that bad, but not good, either. At the bottom there were little chunks of aloe vera pulp. That was a little gross.

The drink claims to help with intestinal problems, cholesteral, triglycerides, colon problems, etc. Anyway, here’s your fun ad of the week.

Planting Grass

Turf Builder
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Yes, it’s true. Last week, we decided to try to do something with our yard. We pulled out 4 or 5 thorny rose bushes that were in front of our house. We raked out the dead grass. We prepared the ground. We bought grass seed. We even planted the grass seed. Then…it poured…and poured…and poured. I mean monsoon. You know what this did? It watered our grass. It caused puddles of water. And it made a lot of our grass seed useless.

But, there is hope. We noticed yesterday that there are, in fact, some seedlings sprouting out of the ground. We do have a little grass growing. We’ll see if this continues. Anyway, this ad of the week is from Scott’s Turf Builder. I picked it up at Home Depot when we were buying the stuff for the grass.

Tacos de canasta

Okay, so it’s not really an ad. Maybe it is. It’s a napkin. It’s for tacos. It’s for tacos in a basket, and boy are they delicious. The chicken ones are a little spicy. Nathan ate them like they were nothing. They are cheap and good for large groups. We had some tonight when we went to the dedication service for the new youth pastor at PIB Satelite. It was a good night.

tacos de canasta