Turf Builder
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Yes, it’s true. Last week, we decided to try to do something with our yard. We pulled out 4 or 5 thorny rose bushes that were in front of our house. We raked out the dead grass. We prepared the ground. We bought grass seed. We even planted the grass seed. Then…it poured…and poured…and poured. I mean monsoon. You know what this did? It watered our grass. It caused puddles of water. And it made a lot of our grass seed useless.

But, there is hope. We noticed yesterday that there are, in fact, some seedlings sprouting out of the ground. We do have a little grass growing. We’ll see if this continues. Anyway, this ad of the week is from Scott’s Turf Builder. I picked it up at Home Depot when we were buying the stuff for the grass.