burger.jpgWe went to a special place for lunch today. You see, when we get a new restaurant in town, it’s a big deal. It’s a really big deal if it’s a U.S. restaurant. It’s even better if they have a great playground.

Well, today was the opening of the largest Carl’s Jr in the world (probably). It’s about five minutes from our house, and it’s enormous. We had lunch there with some friends, and it was good stuff. I think they are a little expensive for a fast food place, but you don’t leave with that icky McDonald’s feeling in your stomach.

Oh, and today, the service was phenomenal. We had about 3 people waiting our table. I sat down with my empty fast food cup and they asked me if they could get me a drink. I was like, “That’s okay, I can get it.” But they assured me that they would do it. We didn’t lift a finger the rest of the time there. Oh, and the Oreo shakes are great too.