“Wa-Hock-a” is how you pronounce the name of the Mexican state that I visited this week (it’s spelled Oaxaca). I was speaking at a youth camp for the Baptist churches of the region.

Saul, the youth leader who invited me to speak at the camp, graduated last year from the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary and is leading a certificate in youth ministry program in his city of Puerto Escondido.

Although the camp was a bit primitive for a city boy like me, I had a blast. I got to share with the entire group of over 100 young people about spiritual disciplines, lead a workshop for the youth leaders who were there, and preach in the evening. I also had the chance to meet some of the students who are studying the certificate in youth ministry and see another former student of mine who lives in the area.

I’ve posted some pictures from the trip on Flickr. Here’s the set below if you want to check them out.