I just completed a report for YMI about our formal and informal youth ministry training programs that are taking place in Latin America. A part of that report was a quantitative analysis, so here is what we’re doing by the numbers:

  • 2 – number of Colleges, institutes, or seminaries in which you or your trainees are currently teaching our youth course curriculum
  • 16 – Students who have completed at least one year of formal training(four or more courses)
  • 19 – Students currently enrolled in formal training (6 undergrad program, 13 Master’s Degree program)
  • 30 – Students who have completed at least one formal training course
  • 35 – Church youth directors that have completed at least a one day training seminar
  • 65 – Churches served in Latin America since 2000 until present
  • 150 – Church volunteers that have completed at least one multiple-day conference
  • 1000 – Estimated number of students who are attending all the churches on a weekly basis which have received any training from YMI since 2000