It’s a big weekend starting today. Here’s what I’ve got to do:

  1. Pick up conference speaker from the airport.
  2. Drive to Puebla (3 or 4 hours).
  3. Finalize details for tomorrow’s all-day conference. (aka: hunt down sound system, etc).
  4. Tomorrow is the conference (all day).
  5. Tomorrow is National Taco Day, so I’ll have to sneak some tacos during the conference (or after it).
  6. Tomorrow is the Final Four (I’ll probably miss it).
  7. Drive home after the conference.
  8. Sunday is a special speaker at church (the conference speaker).
  9. Sunday is the beginning of Videoblogging Week.

So, it seems like I’ll be really busy for the next 48 hours (or more). Anyway, there will be little posting until Sunday. Hope you have a great weekend.