abuse.jpgHere are some statistics I read today about middle school students in Mexico. They come from a study done by the National Womens’ Institute. It paints a pretty sad picture about reality for middle school students in Mexico. It makes me even more convinced that we need to come alongside these kids and help them through their problems. It makes me even more sure of what God wants the church to be in Mexico.

  • There are 5,894,358 middle school students in the Mexico.
  • Around 3 million middle school students in Mexico suffer abuse.
  • 50% have been emotionally abused.
  • 16% say they are physically abused.
  • 10% have been abused severely enough to be taken to a hospital.
  • 8% suffer parental neglect.
  • 4% have been sexually abused.
  • Half of those who have been sexually abused attempt suicide (175,000)