Yesterday was the second installment of “Class in Starbucks.” Rigo, Israel, Huberto, and I went to Starbucks at 9 AM and stayed until about 11:15 for two classes in MJ 140. It was a good discussion on camps and how to put one together. I am encouraging them to try to visit M-Fuge this summer in Guadalajara to check out a quality camp.

Group at bowling alleyLast night was bowling night with the youth group from Dios Es Amor. It went pretty well. There were 11 of us in total. Like everything here, it neither started nor ended on time. Overall, though, I think that the experience was good. We got to hang out and talk to each other in a very informal setting. Paty came, which was a good thing. She’s the one who’s brother died a few weeks ago. I had fun, but I’m very tired. This has been a crazy week with seminary, convention meetings, Bible study on Friday night, class on Saturday morning, bowling on Saturday night, and church and youth group today. Tomorrow I have a faculty meeting at the seminary and am planning on taking the afternoon off for Valentine’s Day. Whew! We’ve been busy.