I read “You Can Childproof Your Home, but They’ll Still Get in” by Dave Meurer today on my way to Mexico City. It’s an easy read book with some pretty funny insights into the world of fatherhood.

My favorite part of the book was this:

The reality is that the little kid loves his dad. He loves being with Dad, and doing what Dad does. If Dad took him fishing, he would love fishing. If Dad took him to the zoo, he would love the zoo.

Our job is to help our kids love the right things. To guide them toward God, toward the good and noble. To teach right and wrong and honesty and kindness and respect and generosity at the youngest ages.

It is a high calling to be a parent. If you don’t plan on being a good role model, don’t have kids. It is hard work to be a hero, but it is in your job description. Parenthood is not for wimps.

If you’re looking for a book that is easy and fun to read, you should check out Dave Meurer’s book.