Blog Day 2008Today is Blog Day, a day when bloggers are encouraged to recommend five other blogs.

The rules are simple: Find 5 new blogs you find interesting, notify the bloggers that you are recommending them, write a description and link to the new blogs, post the blog day post, and tag it and link to the Blog Day website.

I decided to link to five other blogs written by missionaries.

  • Finding Direction – Our friends the Cottrills recently finished language school and are now living in Ixtapaluca, Mexico. They blog about their daily life as missionaries in Mexico.
  • Between Diapers and Dishes – Michelle and her family are ministering to the deaf in Ensenada, Mexico. She writes about life as a mom living and ministering in Mexico.
  • Pura Vida – Greg and Jan Millsaps live in El Carmen, Mexico. I recently discovered their blog and enjoy their writing style.
  • Mexico Adventures – Jon and Nicolle are interns with Youth Ministry International, working with Huberto Perez, our friend and first graduate in youth ministry from the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Mexico Mitchells – The Mitchells have five daughters and are living and ministering in Mexico City. There blog is very informative.

Here are two bonus blogs for Blog Day:

  • Blue Passport – A blog by Richard Lewis, ministering in India. Dr. Lewis was a professor of ours at cross-cultural training school (CIT).
  • Reaching and Teaching – the blog of Dr. Sills, a missions professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Sills is helping our seminary in Mexico begin a missions program, and he helped with the training in Cuba.
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