I write this as I’m sitting in the Greenville airport waiting for my flight back to Clearwater. I just left the Chevy Venture minivan we have been driving for the last few months. Maybe I’m just emotional about this week, but even as I got out of the van for the last time I couldn’t help but think about how incredible it is when God’s people come together to support each other in His work.

We get vehicles when we are in the States from one of two places: a ministry in St. Pete, Florida called Missionary Ministries or one in South Carolina called Macedonian Call. Each time we work with them it is incredible to see different parts of the body of Christ come together to fulfill His mission.

Our family is grateful for both Tom and Mitch, who are faithfully concerned about missionary families and their need to move around while on stateside assignment. It is such a relief to know that God has placed it on their hearts and the hearts of those involved in their ministries to provide a need for us when we need it.

We appreciate them.