For those of you who don’t think that God cares about the little things in your life, I have a great story for you.

Today Nathan went to “school” for the first time. It’s really sort of like a summer camp for three weeks. I was nervous about how he would do, since he usually doesn’t really act all that great around people who speak Spanish. I seriously spent a lot of time praying for his experience and attitude. I pray for him all the time, but this was different. I specifically spent some concentrated time in prayer for him today.

When we were getting ready, he didn’t want to go. He took his shoes and socks off after we put them on him, but we got him into the car and drove to the school, trying to convince him that it would be great. We got there and the lady showed him the classroom and all the kids, leading him back without any problem.

I’ll never forget his face when I showed up to pick him up. The smile he had proved to me that God cares for even the “little things” in our lives.

It turns out that Nathan had a great time. He loved it and is excited to go tomorrow. Thank you, God, for answering the prayers of this worried father. What an incredible proof of His faithfulness and love for us.