This afternoon, Carson and I went to see Superman Returns. It just opened here last Friday, and the movies in Mexico are discounted on Wednesdays (that’s right, every Wednesday, it’s only 30 pesos – less than $3 US), so we knew there would be a ton of people at the theater.

The showing was at 4:20, so we left the house early, around 3:40. When we arrived at the theater (in one of the malls), the sign said there were 167 seats left for the English version at 4:20. When I got to the counter, the guy said that they had suspended the showing and the next one in English was at 9 pm. Arrrgggghh!

So, we called Janell, and she told us that the showing at the OTHER mall was at 5:40. So, we went there, and there were plenty of tickets. But we had like a whole hour to kill. We went to the arcade and played some video games. Then we went to the movie. I thought it was great. I especially liked Lex Luther. He did a great job as a bad guy. It was a really good movie, even if it was a little long. Despite the problems, I had a great time with Carson.