Mommy, Nathan and elephant Since yesterday was exams and the weekends are busy with people, we decided to take the day off today and head off to the Mexico City zoo downtown in Chapultepec Park (Click for pictures). It was really fun, and Nathan had a great time looking at all the animals. They have pretty much every animal you can think of. They also have McDonald’s dessert stands. I had never seen that before, but they have them at the zoo.

Azteca cowThere’s a cool art exhibit going on here, too, called the cow parade. There are a bunch of fiberglass cows that they have put up all over the city, especially downtown (Click for more pictures). They have been sponsored by different companies and designed by different artists. I was hoping to get to see it, and today after the zoo, we got to see a bunch of them.

We also ate lunch at Hard Rock cafe, which I like a lot, but never get the opportunity to eat there because it’s downtown. So, it was a good day with animals, art, and good food. Of course, the best part of the whole day was getting to spend time with Janell and Nathan.

Check out the “Vaca of Independence” and the “Paris Hilton Cow.”

Vaca de independencia Paris Hilton cow