Interestingly enough, I read an article today entitled, “What I Want for all Missionaries.”

In it, the author says,

“If I could ask for one thing of a church or small group or a family it would be for them to show some interest in my family and me. Send a small care package of stuff we miss twice a year. Give me a call once every other month. Send my kid an electronic iTunes certificate on her birthday and Christmas so I can be reminded someone other than me cares a little about her. Ask me about my marriage and my spiritual life, because both are probably suffering. Send me an occasional e-mail and tell me you prayed for my family today.”

One of the most fun things for us as missionaries is when we get packages from the USA. We’ve had a few of them this year, and we are very thankful when they get here. Actually, we got one this week from my mom, and the kids enjoyed the candy. I shot some video while we were opening it. Check it out below.

Box from Home from Dennis on Vimeo.

Thanks to those of you who make us feel special. We appreciate it.