Today is Ben’s 5th birthday. It’s hard to believe that our little guy is 5 already, but it’s a fact. Unfortunately, all of our family has been sick. It started a few days ago when Nathan got a sore throat. After a few days he was better but Benjamin was sick. He’s still sick. Which leads us to today.

We cancelled the birthday party we had planned for Saturday because we felt it was better to not subject our friends and their kids to the illness. Today is the official birthday, so we made a cake last night, went to lunch today, and went to the store to get ice cream. We were on the mend, or so we thought.

We sang happy birthday, cut the cake, and scooped the ice cream. Then Ben got the ear ache of his life. We left the ice cream and cake on the plates and went to the pharmacy to see the doctor who is there. Ben wailed almost the whole time. He gave us some medicine, and our little birthday boy screamed for the next few hours. His little ear was hurting him so bad.

Janell put some chopped onion wrapped in a cloth on his ear, and he finally fell asleep. He’s been mostly okay since, but it still hurts him. About an hour after putting Shiloh to bed, she started crying. Her belly was hurting, so when I picked her up to comfort her, I almost got a puke shower. Luckily I moved out of the way fast enough. She’s okay now, resting on the couch watching cartoons with her brother.

As you can see, instead of really celebrating Ben’s birthday today, we barely survived. It’s still early, so who knows what else could happen.