A new week: It’s a new week now. I made it back to Florida on Saturday. I had an incredible time in South Carolina, and I learned so many things about God’s church as it has progressed through history. I’m already boring Janell with it. But, it’s a new week now with new challenges, especially if we are to move to Mexico in a few months. There are a lot of details we are working on this week, and possibly another trip to Mexico City for me in the next few weeks. God only knows what’s going to happen with us, so please continue to pray for us. Here are some things that you can pray for this week:

  • For Dennis and the rest of his classwork (a 10-12 page paper and about 250 pages of reading)
  • For our visas (we are having some paperwork problems)
  • Continued financial and prayer support.
  • The annual Baptist convention in Mexico City coming in July. (The official announcement of the Center for Youth Ministry)
  • Wisdom and strength as we continue planning.