First Day: Well, I made it through the first day of class at Columbia Seminary. It’s been a great time here so far. Funny how you preach on something and then God makes you live it. I have so many more examples now about being a stranger somewhere than I did last Sunday when I preached about that. Sometimes, it’s frustrating being a stranger, and sometimes, it’s okay. I’m taking Early Church History, and it’s been pretty good. I’m beginning to understand the 600 pages I had to read before I got here. Well…keep praying for me while I’m here and Janell while she’s home. Oh…by the way, some questions I’m pondering as a result of this day.

  • Which is more difficult, to die for your faith in the face of persecution or to live out your faith daily?
  • Is it better to have a state run church or state persecution of Christianity?