What about a ton of bricks? I was this morning as I was sitting at the Atlanta Bread Company, where I spend my morning with God. I was reading in Oswald Chambers’ book My Utmost for His Highest. Here’s an excerpt from today’s reading. “Is there something in your life for which you need perseverance right now? Maintain your intimate relationship with Christ through perseverance of faith. Proclaim as Job did, ‘Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him’.” That spoke to me in such a way because of how we are currently waiting on God to say, “Go.” Chambers goes on to say that we ought to throw ourselves into wild faith in God. “The real meaning of eternal life is a life that can face anything it has to face without wavering. If we take this view, life will become one great romance – a glorious opportunity of seeing wonderful things all the time. God is disciplining us to get us to this central place of power.” God was reassuring for me that He wants more than ever an intimate relationship. He is more concerned about that than anything else. I am so glad that He hit me today with that. You can get this devotional here at Amazon, or you can read it online.