One of our goals is to get people to pray for us. It’s important for us in both life and ministry to have people who will pray for us.

We know that our success is based on the prayers of people like you. We’d love to have a ton of people praying for us and the ministry in Mexico City (and Latin America).

So, here are five times when you could pray for us. We’d love to have you praying for us when these things happen to you.

  1. When you eat tacos or see a taco bell (or any Mexican food). Tacos are popular here. If you eat tacos or burritos (like at Chipotle…mmm), stop and pray for us.
  2. When you hear someone speaking Spanish. Everywhere you go, you probably hear people speaking Spanish. Next time you’re in a store and hear Spanish, pray for the Poulette family.
  3. When you see a soccer ball or a soccer game. If you take your kids to soccer practice or a soccer game, or if you pass by a soccer field or see it on TV, pray for us.
  4. When you hear a dog bark. We hear dogs barking everyday. When you hear a dog bark, pray for the ministry in Mexico City.
  5. When you see our prayer card. Don’t have one? Get one here!

BONUS: Right now!

Let us know if you’re praying for us. You can also send us your prayer requests on our sign-up page.

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