Due to Matt’s comment on the previous post, we are proud to present our list of 5 things we miss from Dunedin, Florida.

  1. Dinner at the Kalil’s house every Tuesday night. We used to eat chicken parm every Tuesday night with some of the coolest people in the world. After dinner, we would go to church for Livewire, a crazy skateboarding program we had at church. We miss those days.
  2. Flag football with all our old crazy youth group kids. We used to play in a flag football league every Saturday morning during the fall with a bunch of crazy kids. We were pretty good, too. We had a good team that always seemed to finish second. But we were definitely the best looking team in the league.
  3. Our home church and all the people there. We miss the fellowship with all the people from our home church. They are great people, and we always look forward to seeing them again.
  4. The causeway (sunsets, just being close to the beach). We now live at least 4 hours from the beach, and although we don’t like sand, the sunsets in Dunedin and the wind blowing on the beach are awesome things.
  5. Marble Slab ice cream (tied with Outback Steakhouse). We couldn’t get through this list without mentioning two of the greatest culinary delights around. We love the ice cream at Marble Slab (we used to go there at least once a week) and of course the steak at Outback.