Some of you may wonder why in the world I would post so many “mini” articles on the side of this page using twitter. But, I think it’s useful. Besides being highly addictive, twitter is a great tool that could actually be useful in life, if you use it correctly.

Here are 5 ways Twitter can be useful:

  1. Keeps you accountable – If you use it all the time, you could use twitter to answer the question, “What are you doing?” You could use it to be accountable with a diet answering the question, “What are you eating?” Either way, twitter keeps you updated on what you are doing all the time, allowing you to evaluate your time management and other things.
  2. Keeps you connected – If your friends are on twitter, you can stay connected with them. Your relatives, groups you are part of, etc, can all keep up with each other using twitter.
  3. Keeps you aware – I’m going on one year of using twitter (this month), and I can look back at what I have done over the last year by looking at my tweets. The archive is a great way of looking back at your accomplishments, feelings, and relationships.
  4. Keeps you informed – There are many news outlets on twitter. CNN breaking news, BBC, and others post news stories all the time. I subscribe to a few of these, and I get the news quickly.
  5. Keeps you entertained – Twitter is very entertaining. It helps you break up the monotony of work. You can check it out to see some fleeting thoughts by other people. It’s a great way to see what’s happening, and it’s fun because it is always updated (when the site is working).

I also saw this post the other day about twitter and Facebook updates creating a social sixth sense. I love how it explains how we can use these things to get to know people better and to better connect with them in real life.

If you use twitter, what are your reasons? Is it useful to you?

Thumbnail image by: Josh Russell on flickr