I have realized that I am better when I set goals that are pretty challenging. So, I’ve set a few goals that I’m hoping to finish at least by December 1.

  1. Read the Bible in 90 days. I’ve been following the B90X plan and should be done by October 20, 2010.
  2. Train for a 5K I’m thinking about running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day if I can get up that early.
  3. Eat healthier. I’ve been writing down everything I eat, trying to make better eating choices.
  4. Run 100 miles. In September, my goal is 30 miles. In October, I’ll run 30 miles. In November, I will run 40.
  5. Reach 75% of our final support goal. As of right now we’re at 55%.

So those are some of the things that are occupying my time and thoughts right now. It’s going to be challenging.