This week as I was sharing with our youth group, I reminded them of the 3 Rs of Bible reading. Often, I find myself and others reading passages so quickly that we glance over most of the details that give insight into what’s actually happening.

I’m trying to remember to do these three things when I read the Scripture, whether its in my own personal time or with a group. I call them the “3 R’s.”

The “3 R’s” of Bible reading:

  1. Read: This is pretty obvious, but read it slowly. Try to comprehend what’s actually happening. This is important for comprehension.
  2. Reflect: Think about what you just read. What did it actually say? If it’s a story, then why was that story told? Why was it told at that place in the overall story? What changed in the narrative? Who are the characters involved in the story? How did they change? What did they learn? All of those things help you reflect on the meaning of the passage.
  3. Respond: Ask yourself how you should change because of the truths you just read. How will you be different because of what you just read? How will your life change? What are the things you should do differently as a result of what God teaches in His Word? Pray and ask God to make that change in your life.

Doing these three things help me focus as I read the Scripture and try to live it out. It’s not so much about knowing what it says. It’s about doing it (but obviously, you need to know before you can do).