Chris Brogan suggests that it’s easier to think of three words you want to describe your year instead of making “resolutions.” I like the idea because it helps me focus more on general things I want to focus on instead of specific single goals.

I liked it enough to spend some time thinking about my three words, and I think the following words will help me in 2012.

Discipline. Focus. Document.

Discipline: This includes eating right, getting the proper amount of sleep and exercise, and basically being more active. It also means being disciplined on a financial and spiritual level. Spiritual disciplines and financial disciplines need to take priority in my life this year in order to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself.

Focus: I’ll spend more time on the things that matter most. I will try to get rid of the stuff that is holding me back and spend more time doing stuff that counts. I will also focus on the task at hand, trying to put aside distractions while working on those things. When I’m with my family, I will focus on them. When I’m at work, I will focus on it.

Document: I will keep better record of what I’m doing with my time, with my family, and in my work. I also hope to create more, using this creativity to document what I’m doing (aka working on my videoblog and other projects).

So, what are your three words for 2012?