Besides writing here and at my own youth ministry site (, I read a lot of blogs. Many of them have to do with youth ministry. Since I don’t have a blogroll on this site, I thought I’d post links to the 25 youth ministry blogs I have in my feed reader that I read.

  1. Life in Student Ministry
  2. Adam McClane
  3. Morethandodgeball
  4. Ninety Seven Three…the Stat
  5. Tony Sheng
  6. Amusing Thoughts
  7. Patti Gibbons
  8. Sara Eden
  9. College transition Initiative
  10. Bumbling Forward
  11. Kurt Johnston
  12. Deep Thoughts by Gman
  13. Following Him
  14. Greg Stier
  15. The End is Forever
  16. Kingsley Klan
  17. Kupferer family and Reflection Ministry
  18. Matthew McNutt
  20. Serial Youth Pastor
  21. The Adventures of the Timmons
  22. Tim Davies
  23. YSMarko
  25. 100 or more

If you’re not on the list, no worries, post your link in the comments. I’m always looking new sites to read. Please, go ahead, I’d love to visit your blog.