As I thought more about successful youth ministries, and I put together a list of characteristics of a successful youth ministry. Here’s my list.

What are your thoughts? What would you add?

25 Characteristics of a Successful Youth Ministry

A successful youth ministry…

  1. Involves parents and meaningful adults.
  2. Provides a safe place for spiritual questioning and discussion.
  3. Challenges students and their faith.
  4. Helps students discover their gifts.
  5. Allows opportunities for students to use their gifts and talents.
  6. Always places people ahead of programs.
  7. Helps hurting young people.
  8. Helps hurting families.
  9. Comes alongside parents in their responsibility to spiritually nurture their children.
  10. Accepts all kinds of students.
  11. Provides opportunities for students to serve the community.
  12. Creates a support structure that is there long after graduation.
  13. Has leaders who are held accountable for their own spiritual growth.
  14. Connects young people to the larger church body.
  15. Teaches Biblical Truth.
  16. Encourages students to study the Bible on their own.
  17. Helps students develop their personal prayer life.
  18. Teaches students how to discern right from wrong.
  19. Communicates Biblical truth clearly.
  20. Encourages and equips students to share their faith with those around them.
  21. Relies on the gifts and talents of more than one person.
  22. Seeks to honor Jesus in all it does.
  23. Persists even when people turn away (without being pushy).
  24. Gives students opportunities to lead and equips them to do so.
  25. Brings students into true worship.

Add your characteristics of successful youth ministry in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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