Last Saturday we celebrated the 4th graduation of youth ministry students at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. Juan Roman Jacinto graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in youth ministry. He also received a YMI certification, meaning that he has proven that he can put into practice what he has learned in the classroom. Juan will be opening a diploma in youth ministry extension on the coast of Oaxaca starting in August.

We also graduated our first 3 graduates with a diploma in youth ministry. These three have taken 9 youth ministry courses on Saturday mornings and completed the coursework necessary to receive a certificate, or diploma in youth ministry. They are all very active in their local church youth ministries and in the lives of young people throughout the week. This program was started two years ago to satisfy the needs of those who cannot attend Seminary classes full time but need youth ministry training.

The graduation at the Seminary was a great time for our family. We enjoyed being able to participate in the entire thing, now that we live directly on campus. The boys were able to play with their friends and we stayed for the banquet. We are very proud of all the graduates from the Seminary (there were 6 overall bachelor’s degree students). Many of them have taken youth ministry classes as electives and have become our friends. We will be sad to see them go, but we know that God has great things in store for them in their ministries.