I just finished grading the tests and papers for my 2 youth ministry classes of the first quarter at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. Overall, the students did well. I only had 4 students this quarter, so it wasn’t that hard. The first year students had to write a “My Philosophy of Youth Ministry” paper, and the second year students had to read, summarize, and apply Josh McDowell’s book “Right from Wrong.”

They seemed to really learn a lot this quarter, and I am looking forward to next quarter. I got my schedule of classes today, and I have an 8 AM class (Wednesday and Friday). I remember when I was in college, I would NEVER sign up for an 8 AM class. It seems that one is coming back around to get me.

Now, I’m going to prepare for the two classes I will be teaching. “Youth Culture” and “Foundations of Youth Ministry 2.”