We’re Members!
Sorry for the brief lack of communication. Lots has been going on here. We’re back into a routine, so hopefully we’ll be able to write here more often. Can’t believe it’s been a whole month since we last wrote. We sent an email update (click here to sign up) about what’s been going on, so you should be getting that soon. Today, we became members of Sam’s Club. Janell had a hunch that the Sam’s is just down the street, so we ventured off in the rain (it was sprinkling) to find it. We mustered up enough Spanish and 350 pesos to purchase a membership, but we didn’t buy anything. We also went to a place called Waldo’s Mart where everything is 11 pesos (about a dollar). It’s amazing how excited we get just to find grape jelly on the shelf. The downside to today is the rain. We washed our clothes before it rained and hung them out to dry. Guess what…they didn’t. Since it only rained a little, they are only a little damp, so hopefully they will be dry in the morning.