Mexico City AGAIN:We made the one hour and fifteen minute trek to Mexico City once again this weekend. That one hour and fifteen minutes is on the bus. It is another hour to where we are staying in Mexico City. The worst part is we started watching The Pledge with Jack Nickelson and didn’t get to finish it on the bus. Oh well, guess we’ll have to rent it and just watch the end. So we’re here to pick up our visas tomorrow. Maybe we’ll get some house shopping in, too, but there’s no telling.

Spanish classes are doing fine. We have 3 weeks left, and maybe more. That’s not a very long time. It will be over before we know it. Hopefully we will have learned a lot in that time.

We got to talk to our church last night on the phone during prayer meeting. It was great to hear from our friends, and we look forward to seeing them when they come in June.