The $5 bottle of water
Well, we tried to go to church this morning. The phone book advertised a baptist church that has an English speaking service at 8:30 am. We thought that was pretty early, but were looking forward to a church service in English. We dragged ourselves out of bed early (for a Sunday) and got a taxi to the church. The taxi was 25 pesos, which we thought was reasonable. Actually, we had a decent conversation with the taxi driver on the way there. We arrived at 8:10, which we know is extremely early for here. Since the church is behind the Sam’s Club, we thought we would walk around and see what kind of neighborhood it was in. So we went into a grocery store (and found some Ragu sauce, which we didn’t think they had here) and bought a bottle of water. We hung out until about 5 minutes until 9 and the church still showed no signs of having anything going on. By this time, we didn’t feel like hanging around anymore and just got a taxi home. That one cost us 27 pesos, totalling about $5 for the trip to the store to get a bottle of water that cost 25 cents.

We did just finish watching the Dolphins win over the Jets, though, so it wasn’t a totally ruined day. I also got some work done for my seminary class.