We just finished our first week at Cuauhnahuac, and boy are our brains tired. We’ve been studying a lot, and have come a long way in one week. There’s just still so much to learn. There’s only about 20 students in the school right now, so we have plenty of one on one interaction with teachers (too much). Apart from school, we’ve really just stayed at home most of the time, playing “uno” with the family we are staying with. We did get to go to our friends’ church on Sunday. We rode the bus for about an hour then took a taxi to the church. It was pretty cool to see them again, though. We plan on going there again tomorrow. Last week we had barbacoa, something sort of like barbeque. It was for a party for a little girl who turned 3 that day. They eat barbacoa on special days, and it is made of all sorts of different kinds of meat. Sometimes it’s beef, sometimes it’s not. We’re not sure what it was we had on Sunday, but it was really good.

The last two Saturdays we have gone to downtown Cuernavaca to eat at our favorite churro place in the central part of town. It’s got a good view of all the activities that are going on there, and the churros are only 4 pesos (40 cents). A bus ride downtown only costs us 3.50 pesos (35 cents) each, so it’s a pretty inexpensive trip. Oh, last Saturday we caught a movie for 17 pesos each ($1.50), and it was in English with Spanish subtitles. There movies are a little behind those in the US, but we saw the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Please keep praying for us as we are cramming our little heads full of Spanish. It’s really intense, but we are having a lot of fun while we learn.

Pics of the week: One of the daughters in the house where we live, the cathedral in downtown Cuernavaca, and the view out of the back of the house. If you look hard at the middle of the last picture, you can see Popocatapetl, one of the two volcanos near us. Don’t worry, we think it’s dormant. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Playing UNO Cuernavaca Cathedral Popocatepetl