I’ve been working for a while on a brochure for the Center for Youth Ministry at the Baptist Seminary in Mexico City (Will be available online soon). I’m on my way down to Mexico City for the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Baptist Convention. Randy Smith, the president of YMI, and I will be heading down there next Monday to be a part of the celebration. We’re also going to be there to promote the youth ministry program that will begin in September 2004. The program consists of 34 hours of youth ministry classroom training and 16 hours of practical work where students will be trained in local churches. This program will help produce qualified, trained youth workers for local churches throughout Mexico. The trip to Mexico will finish on Monday, July 28.

I’ll also be taking the papers for our visas with me. Please pray that there will be enough time after all of the papers get in to process our visas. We are hoping to have them by the time we leave on August 27.