The Boys and their Sister

Nathan wants to introduce you to someone. He’s so excited to have a sister. Ben still isn’t sure what he thinks about her yet. I’m sure he’ll love her soon enough.

First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Kindergarten

One of the major milestones for our family this year is Nathan going off to Kindergarten. When we first started thinking about coming to the United States for Home Assignment, we thought it would be great for him to be able to go to Kindergarten in Florida.

We were blessed by Grace Christian School to be given a full scholarship for Nathan to attend there this year. Grace Bible Church means a lot to us. It is where we got married. It is where I (Dennis) attended school from 2nd-12th grade. We have lots of friends there and many great memories.

So today we took Nathan to his first day of Kindergarten at Grace. I pray that he will have fond memories of this school, too, and it will be a place where he can come to learn many great things. One of the things I am most thankful for about having a Christian School education is knowing many things about the Bible that I wouldn’t have known without attending Grace.

Mother’s Day 2009

Mother’s Day is a huge deal in Mexico. It’s practically a national holiday. Usually, Mother’s Day in Mexico falls on the 10th of May every year. It’s usually nice for us because it’s not the same day that we celebrate it in the United States. So, usually, the Sunday of Mother’s Day for Janell is different, and the restaurants are empty. But not this year.

mothersday2009So, we’re changing the day we will take her out for Mother’s Day this year. We’ll go sometime during the week when there aren’t as many crowds. We did celebrate a little by letting her sleep in and by not making her change dirty diapers.

Nathan and I also made her a few cards this morning while she was sleeping in. I wrote Happy Mother’s Day on a card, and then Nathan said he wanted to write it, too. He did an excellent job of writing it (see photo). He also drew Buzz Lightyear. On the inside there was a flower.

I think it was a pretty good day. We’ll have to go out to eat sometime this week.

12 Seconds Batman Suit

It’s no secret that I love going to special places with my family. Today we went on a picnic in Chapultepec Park and then went to the zoo.

Chapultepec Park is lined with kiosk type things where people sell lots of things…bubbles, snacks, soccer jerseys, hats, t-shirts, and other things.

On our way into the zoo, Nathan saw a Batman mask and cape that he wanted. We told him that if he was a good boy, we’d get it for him. The price was definitely right (40 pesos = $2.70 USD), so we bought it on the way out.

I posted the following video to It’s Nathan in his new Batman suit, but I think the audio is my favorite part. So turn up your speakers and listen!

[iPhone] Batman suit on