The Boys and their Sister

Nathan wants to introduce you to someone. He’s so excited to have a sister. Ben still isn’t sure what he thinks about her yet. I’m sure he’ll love her soon enough.

Benjamin’s First Steps

Benjamin started to take a few steps this week. Today we decided to let him try to walk to Nathan. They love each other so much that the walking ended up being a tickle and laugh-fest.

It sort of reminds me of Nathan’s first steps.

Benjamin’s First Birthday

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Benjamin was born! He’s grown so much in a year. We don’t have a huge plan for his first birthday since Janell was just in Florida. They had a combined celebration for Nathan and Benjamin while they were there.

We will eat cake, play a lot, and have lots of fun as a family. In the meantime, here are two videos from Ben’s first day.

Benjamin and Ice Cream

We had to go to the U.S. Embassy today to renew our passports, so we also visited our new ihop and topped it off with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at the mall.

I did get some tests graded, too, so the day wasn’t all fun and games.

Here’s a quick video of Benjamin eating an ice cream cone today at Ben and Jerry’s free cone day: