Ben Smiling

Here’s a quick video of Benjamin smiling. Janell does most of the work in the video, but the smiles on his face are worth it.

He’s just now starting to smile big and giggle a little bit. He’s growing up so fast, though.

Here’s the video on Vimeo.

A Little Pterodactyl

A Little Pterodactyl

Let the posting of pictures and videos of our second child begin. He’s a good little boy, so far, and he likes to do his impersonation of a pterodactyl or veloceraptor.

He’s been super good, considering he’s been stuck in the foot numerous times by the doctors so they can take blood from him. Hopefully, that will stop soon.

Benjamin is here!!

Benjamin is here!!

This morning I woke up to Janell telling me that her water had broken. It was 5:30 in the morning. We rapidly got everything together, hopped in the car, and went to the hospital. The crazy day had just begun.

Arriving at the hospital at 6:15, they started checking her out to make sure that she was in labor. She certainly was. The problem was that the baby was breech. They wanted to do a c-section, but he didn’t want to wait for that. He was born at 7:10 with no c-section.

So, Benjamin Joseph was born on July 14, 2008, at 7:10, weighing in at an even 6 pounds and measuring 19 inches long. Mom and baby are doing fine.

Here are some pictures. Video will be coming soon.

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Janell’s due date (August 1) is getting closer and closer, and we are in the process of getting everything ready for the arrival of the new baby. When people ask me what I’ve been doing, I answer, “Preparing for the baby.” It really is a huge job to take her to the doctor, get the stuff we need (find the old bottles and clothes, etc), and prepare for the arrival of our new baby.

Yesterday, our family had a little baby shower for us. They gave us a lot of cool gifts, and we had a family barbecue. It was fun. There are still things that we need to buy for the baby. So if you want to help us, here are our registries:

Target Gift Registry
Walmart Registry


(Photo by macieklew)