How Your Small Group Can Make a Big Impact

(Photo by Greg Lobinski)

Small groups are an incredible way to grow spiritually. They are also a great way to be involved in God’s mission on earth.

We would love to invite your small group to participate in the mission of Youth Ministry International and partner with our family as we minister around the world to share the gospel with young people by training youth workers to reach, mentor, and disciple them.

Here are some ways your small group can partner with our family to bring the gospel to the nations:

  1. Invite us to share with your group – we are currently looking to share about our family’s role in reaching young people around the world with Sunday School classes, small groups, or even entire churches. If you would like to invite us to share with your group, please contact us. (By the way, we can share via Skype as well).
  2. Pray for our ministry – As a group, you can subscribe to our newsletters, follow us on Facebook, and begin to pray specifically for what is happening around the world with YMI and in our family. We would love to have you praying for us on a regular basis.
  3. Participate in a Quest Trip – What if your entire small group wants to go on a mission trip? We could facilitate a trip for your group to one of the fields we are working in around the world. There’s nothing quite like experiencing cross-cultural missions first-hand.
  4. Go with Dennis (or another YMI professor) on a teaching trip – Dennis and other YMI professors have various ministry trips throughout the year, so if one or two people wanted to go with him, in some cases he might be able to bring you along. It would be a great way to see what we teach first hand and get to know some of the incredible youth workers we are training in different parts of the world.
  5. Give monthly to support our family – as a group you could adopt our family. We are faith-based missionaries and raise all of our salary and expenses from individuals, groups, and churches. Your group could help tremendously by giving your dollars purpose and supporting our family and worldwide ministry. It doesn’t take much to make a big impact.

Please consider how your small group can be involved in this ministry. The vision that God has given us is big, and we need as many people on board as possible.