Research Lab

Welcome to the lab, where we publish our research on Mexican culture, youth ministry, global youth ministry, and other things in general. We hope you enjoy looking around and reading what we are learning.

The Early Foundations of Mariology
thumbnailmary.jpgA paper I wrote for a church history class on the beginning of Mariology, or the devotion to Mary in the Catholic church. (Download here – 190 KB)

“The development of devotion to Mary is difficult to follow because it has evolved and continues to evolve throughout the history of the church, and its scope is too large for a paper of this size.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the development of the devotion to Mary in the first five hundred years of the church, beginning with the New Testament and ending with the time following the Council of Ephesus. Many historians agree that devotion to Mary was not widespread until after the Council of Ephesus in A.D. 431, steadily increasing until the 7th Century, but there were many events in earlier times that laid the groundwork for this increase.”

CONAJEBA Survey Results
resultsthumb.jpgIf you want to know more about the young people in Mexico, please feel free to download the results of our national Baptist youth survey here (324K, PDF).

Please remember that these results are released under a Creative Commons License.

This means that you can use the information in the survey as long as you attribute the original author (me), don’t make anything commercial out of it, and re-release anything you do with the results, using the same license.

The Rules: A Study of Mexico City’s Youth Culture
therulesthumb.jpgWe wrote this paper back in 2002 before coming to Mexico as part of our cross-cultural training at the Center for International Training in North Carolina. It has many insights into Mexican culture and helped us prepare for coming here.

It includes thoughts on Mexican history, the education system, family structure, the basic values continuum, economy, and many other things that will help you familiarize yourself with Mexican culture. Please feel free to distribute and use this information however you want. Just give us credit and point to this site.