Regional Update for Latin America

“Who would have thought that you would be teaching here in Mexico?” That’s what I asked Darwin Gonzalez as we took another bite of our tacos one evening in January while sitting in my living room in Mexico City.

Darwin, the director of the Center for Youth Ministry in Santa Clara, Cuba, was in Mexico to teach two more courses of the Master’s in Youth Ministry. He is the second Cuban professor we’ve trained to come teach in Mexico, and he is a living example of 2 Timothy 2:2 and YMI’s strategy to train trainers.

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It’s Been a Busy Month

It’s Been a Busy Month

Today we finished up one of the most busy seasons of ministry in a while. In the last four weeks, we have traveled to Cuernavaca (about 2 hours south of Mexico City) as a family, taught an evangelism workshop in Toluca (about an hour away), preached at a local church here in Mexico City, preached in chapel, and done a mentoring training at a local church in Mexico City.

We’ve also participated in a youth worker meeting for leaders in Mexico City, started a new term at the Seminary, redesigned our Spanish youth ministry site, begun more classes in the certificate program, met with a new friend who wants to train youth workers in Mexico, begun taking a new class for my Master’s class, and started to fix up the new house. All with Janell in the first trimester of her pregnancy.

It’s been very busy month! But we’re not finished with being busy.

Here are a few things we have coming up: Speaking at a Spring Break Camp, a tip to Cuba to visit with our colleagues there, more certificate classes, moving to our new house, and Easter Sunday.

What have you been up to? We’d love to know. Comment below.