Stan Lee, Marvel, and God’s Big Story

Earlier this week, Stan Lee, legendary co-creator of many of the super heroes we as a culture have come to love, passed away at the age of 95. If you’ve been online at all, you’ve no doubt seen many posts about how Stan Lee’s characters have impacted many people throughout the years.

The movies alone based on his characters have generated more money than I can imagine, and the stories that have been told by these super heroes have touched so many kids and kids-at-heart.


The Greatest Show on Earth in Mexico

The Circus is in town, and a college friend of mine works for the entertainment company who runs it. So he got us tickets to go to yesterday’s opening performance of “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

We wanted to surprise the kids, so we didn’t tell them we were going to go. I was more excited than they were.

We left early for two reasons: So we could find the place (the arena is in a part of town we’ve never been to) and so we could see the pre-show. Of course, the typical happened: we got lost. But the good news is that we found the Arena and arrived an hour before the show. That is right when the pre-show is supposed to start.


Dia del Niño

Monday was kids’ day in Mexico. The kids at the Seminary celebrated on Friday with pizza, a piñata, cake, candy, and games. It was fun to watch our kids interact with their friends at the Seminary.


Xochimilco is one of my favorite places in Mexico City. It has music, food, culture, nature, color and serenity all in one place. The boats (trajineras) are vibrant, the flowers are beautiful, and the atmosphere makes it a must visit for anyone going to Mexico City.

Xochimilco from Dennis on Vimeo.

What’s an LP?

This video is of a 13 year old girl being introduced to an LP record for the first time, and it’s a reminder that youth ministry is really cross-cultural.

We must work hard each day to figure out how to be relevant to their culture, so the gospel isn’t something we put on an LP and expect them to listen to on their iPods.

What’s innovative today will be old in no time.

If you can’t see the video here, check it out on YouTube

(Via: Kottke)

Cuan Grande es Dios (How Great is our God)

This is the international version of How Great is our God that they sang at Passion this year. It is an incredible rendition and reminds me that our God is greater than any one culture. He is above all.