What Does Your “Do” Do?

Today in our staff meeting, one of the things we talked about was understanding the end game of why we do some of the things that we do. The context was actually children’s ministry more than student ministry, but it applies to the daily activities of pretty much each and every one of us as we move through life in various roles.

One of the questions that was discussed was, “What does your ‘do’ do?”

It’s a funny question at first, but it really allows you to think of your activities (even the mundane ones) as part of the larger whole. It is important to think through what your activity means in the Kingdom of God.

Remember this:

    • You aren’t “just” rocking a baby in the nursery. You are loving that tired mother by giving her a break and an opportunity to worship with her husband.
    • You aren’t “just” holding the door open. You are welcoming someone to an environment where they can experience and feel the love of Christ.
    • You aren’t “just” pushing a button to put the worship slides up on a screen. You are helping the people understand what they are singing as they exalt King Jesus.
    • You aren’t “just” babysitting in student ministry small groups. You are providing a listening ear to a student who may not have that in their life.

And the list goes on…

Next time you start thinking that you aren’t important, remember that every part has a purpose. God has given us all a role to fulfill in His Kingdom. Use your gifts to the best of your ability and watch how He uses you to move His Kingdom forward for His glory. When you serve, you are doing something great, even if it doesn’t feel all that great.

Jesus changes even our smallest acts of service into something great because Jesus changes everything.