Giving out of a Grateful Heart

On Sunday, we honored our graduates (see pic above) and prayed for them as they step out in faith on the next step of their journey.

After that, John continued the series called “The Process: Becoming More Like Jesus” by speaking about giving of our treasures for Kingdom purposes.

His main points were the following:

1. We are managers, not owners. It’s important to remember that everything we have is God’s to begin with and that He has graciously given us the possessions we have to manage for Him.

2. Overflowing generosity is driven by overflowing gratitude. When we see God as the ultimate giver, it changes the way we give.

3. Our hearts lead us to our true treasure.

During the sermon, John asked me to come on stage to be a part of an illustration. I included that in the Sunday Summary video on YouTube.

Check it out below: