An Easy Method to Get to Know People

Sometimes it’s difficult to start conversations with students. Sometimes, you spend what feels like hours with someone without ever actually having a real conversation or learning anything about them.

One of our main goals on Sunday nights is to “connect students to caring adults who will share and show them Jesus,” Well…the good news is that we have students. We have caring adults.

Now we need to do the “connecting” part.

One of the best ways to connect is to talk (duh). But sometimes that’s difficult. I want to give you a guide to begin a conversation with a student. You may have heard this before. It’s the FROG method.

Each letter stands for something—Family, Recreation, Occupation, and Goals. These categories will help as you try to connect with students.

FAMILY: Ask about parents, siblings, family traditions (how’s your family celebrating whatever holiday is coming up), etc. If you know something about the parents, ask how they’re doing. Remember to avoid yes or no questions and don’t worry about going too deep here. We’re just trying to connect a little here.

RECREATION: What do they do in their spare time? What did they do this weekend? If you know they play a sport, ask how that’s going or when the next game is (bonus points for going to watch them play). This should be an easy category with students. If you don’t know what they’re into, ask. They’ll tell you.

OCCUPATION: I realize most of our students aren’t working, but they do go to school. It’s kind of their occupation right now. Ask how that’s going. Ask about their favorite subject. What they’ve done lately. If they’re in any clubs (that might fall under recreation). How their teachers are this year. What they’re learning. Etc.

GOALS: You can ask students about future plans. What they (might) want to study. What they’re doing next break. What their hopes and dreams are. You get the idea.

The point it that these categories should help you when you’re sitting there waiting with students for an event to start or just see them sitting around the lobby at church. Take advantage of the time to have a conversation and connect with them.