Why Do We Create?

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Personal Growth | 0 comments

This week I was thinking the human mind (I know…meta, right?).

For some reason, I became fixated about the fact that what you think in your head, if you put in the work, can become a physical reality.

This morning, as I was explaining this idea to my son in the car, we passed by downtown Louisville. I explained it like this. “See that building (talking about the Mercer building for those who live in the ‘ville)…before it was a building, it was an idea in someone’s head. But then they created something physical out of their idea.”

I kept explaining to him how I believe that creating is something shows that we are made in the image of God, the Creator. He said to me, “And it all comes back around to Jesus.” He was half-joking, but I told him that, because of my Christian worldview, of course everything comes back around to Jesus (but that’s not really the point of this post).

I continued explaining that our dog doesn’t wake up in the morning and have the desire to create music or art or buildings. She really just wants to chase the rabbits in our back yard. Really, when you think about it, animals do not create the way that humans do.

We have a desire to create things because in our creation we are mimicking our creator. We are being like God when we create. Since my son was on his way to a band camp, I was explaining that his trumpet playing was also worshipping God today. He will be creating music, and that is something that my dog would never do.

Anytime you create…you are worshipping and being like your creator. If you are building or designing or playing music or painting or creating YouTube videos or drawing or speaking, you are creatively being like your Creator.

So always be creating. Those ideas you have in your head are given to you by God. He is the ultimate Creator, and, as His image-bearer, you and I have a desire–dare I say a need–to create.