Five Places for Free Youth Ministry Resources

Five Places for Free Youth Ministry Resources

Yesterday was free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. All over the world they gave away a free ice cream cone with absolutely no requirements. Of course we went to the local Ben and Jerry’s to get our cones.

Free cone day at Ben-n-Jerry's - Mexico city edition.I got to thinking about Ben and Jerry’s, free stuff, and of course, ministry.

It’s amazing how people will line up to get free ice cream. Who wouldn’t want to eat ice cream (besides some super healthy people I know)? I don’t think Ben and Jerry’s made money today, but it wasn’t about that. It was about the community. It was about getting their message out to the public.

There are lots of things in the world that should be free. I’m a big fan of sharing resources in ministry and offering things for free. We even have a site that has free youth ministry resources in Spanish. Ministries ought to share resources to further the Kingdom.

I use lots of different sites to get free resources for youth ministry.

Five Places for Free Youth Ministry Resources

When I tell my students that I want to offer some resources on the website for free, they look at me like I am crazy. But, why not? Free is good. Free resources for ministry have helped me a lot. We can all benefit from each other.

If Ben and Jerry’s can offer free ice cream, why can’t we offer free stuff in the church? I loved free cone day.

Big Picture and Small Picture

Big Picture and Small Picture

Last week in our Youth Ministry class we talked mostly about how to create lesson plans. We talked about putting in details like goals, indicators, transition statements, and other things.

Today, in the continuation of that topic, we started talking about the big picture of how to create a teaching plan for youth ministry. It’s not enough to know the details…we have to know where we are going with each of those lessons.

So, we started off the class with this powerpoint game called What is it?. I created it to use in either an English or Spanish setting, so it’s bilingual. The first image is a super close up of an object. The participants have to guess what it is. After ten images, the answers are given. There’s even a bonus in case of a tie.

Feel free to use the free “What is it?” powerpoint game for your ministry. My students did fairly well. I don’t think it’s too difficult or too easy. Have fun with it, and let me know if you use it.

Oh…and while you’re at it, maybe you’re looking for a free Easter Powerpoint game. I created a trivia game about Peeps (the candy) a while ago. Click here for the link to the free Peeps Powerpoint game.