Mission trips and Airports

Mission trips and Airports

Stuff Christians Like wrote a great little list about The Mission Trip Airport Layover.

Anyone who’s ever gone on a trip with a group of young people and had to stay in the airport will enjoy the list.

My favorites from their list:

  • The boyfriend and girlfriend couple will break up…
  • …and get back together.
  • One kid will be the “where’s Billy?” kid. A phrase that is fun to yell from the aisle of a plane that is about to close its door and take off.
  • Someone will use their entire spending money on batteries at the airport, which cost $47.
  • Some I would add (not nearly as funny):

  • Some kid will get tackled by security because he says the word “gun” in the security line.
  • One student will constantly ask the adult volunteers to hold his gigantic sombrero that he just had to buy at the market.
  • The entire group parks themselves in the busiest place and unknowingly blocks everyone else from getting by.
  • One of the kids falls asleep waiting to board the plane and doesn’t get on in time.

Anyway, go check out the post on Stuff Christians Like.

There are some pretty good ones in the comments, too.