Insights on Youth Culture

A few months ago, I signed up for MTV Sticky, a newsletter about youth focused culture, trends and insight.

If you’re involved in youth ministry, it’s a great resource to understand global youth culture and trends. I like it because it isn’t just about U.S. culture. It has insights from all over the world and helps you understand global youth culture.

You have to sign up to get access, but I haven’t received any emails from them that haven’t been beneficial. So head over there and sign up today.

Global Youth Culture

This is a great video. Even in Mexico, people laugh every time I allude to this type of conversation between an adult and a young person.

I think it’s a representation of worldwide youth culture.

(Via: Marko)

Young People and Stress

Young People and Stress

I’m reading Walt Mueller’s book Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture, and in it he talks about the fact that young people are stressed and hurried.

It is true that all over the world young people are looking for ways to relieve stress in their lives. I thought this article over at YPulse was interesting about how young people relieve stress. According to the article that YPulse references, “stress is the invisible global constant afflicting youth of all ages in all markets.”

5 Ways Young People Relieve Stress

  • Listening to Music – 65% of all young people on the planet listen to music to relieve stress. I wonder what they’re listening to.
  • Watching TV – 48% watch TV to relieve stress (but not the news…it stresses them out)
  • Talking to Friends – the use of technology has made this even more available as a stress reducer
  • Sleeping
  • Praying – young people who pray more are less stressed. Ypulse says, “Stressed youth on average pray 3.7 times per week. Relaxed youth pray 8.8 times a week.”

Check out the article on YPulse for the Top 12 Ways Young People Reduce Stress.

Video of “El Mejunje”

Video of “El Mejunje”

I posted on our vlog (Mexico Movies) about El Mejunje, a place called Mejunje (translated = concoction) that I visited in Santa Clara, while I was there teaching two weeks ago.

I don’t want to duplicate the post, but you should check it out over there and watch the video of the band we saw playing there.

It was truly a cultural experience. If you’re at all interested in global youth ministry or global youth culture, you should click here to watch the video and read about El Mejunje.