Youth Marketing Trends 2009

Graham Browne from published this presentation of 50 Youth Marketing Trends for 2009. It is focused on people marketing to young people, but it is relevant for local church youth workers as well.

A few of my favorite thoughts:

  • Let’s get it in our heads that youth don’t wake up thinking about our brands. Let’s get it into our heads that they don’t wake up thinking about our youth ministries, programs, or latest sermon.
  • What am I if I’m not here to serve my customers? Shouldn’t we be serving the students in our ministries, too?
  • Drivers: Can you help me be significant? Can you help me belong? These are the two timeless and culturally independent requests youth have of your brand. These two things are fundamental and thought about constantly by our students.
  • Your young customers don’t care that you know unless they know that you care. This is an oldie but a goody. How much do we actually care?

What other trends mentioned in the presentation do you think are relevant to youth ministry?